TSD Rally Clock

The TSD Rally Clock allows you to synchronize to the Official Rally Time by making adjustments in increments of +/– 0.1 seconds to account for total errors of as much as + or – 10 seconds.

Touch the Lock icon 🔒 to make clock adjustments. Adjust time ahead or behind as needed and, when finished, touch the Unlock icon 🔓 to prevent unintended adjustments. Touch the double Arrows ⏫ ⏬ singly or continuously to make adjustments in +/– 0.1 second increments.

When unlocked a chime will sound at 0 seconds and at 30 seconds. This audible cue is helpful when synching with the Official Rally Clock.

To clear the list of split times, touch the "Clear Log" button and answer the question "Yes, Touch to Start" or "Yes, Start Next Minute" as desired. Start the rally by touching the clock face or wait until the next whole minute has been reached when the start will occur automatically.

Recording split times can be helpful for comparing your time at a checkpoint to the time recorded by the checkpoint staff. Or, the checkpoint staff could use this feature to record times as cars cross a checkpoint.

Also, split times can be used to track time in what are called Regularity or Jogularity style rallies. The current split time and the cumulative time will be logged in a table and compare these times with those indicated on the route instructions to see how well you are maintaining the ideal pace.

On the clockface displays, time can be measured in either seconds or decimal minutes. Additionally, there are two levels of time precision. One displays two digits for seconds or two digits for hundredths of a minute. For more precision, the other measures and displays seconds as two digits plus tenths of a second or three digits for thousandths of a minute.

There are three watch face styles: black, yellow, and white. This improves readability under different light conditions.


changes in version 4.3
  • Various tweaks to accommodate iOS 10
  • GUI changes to improve readability day and night
  • Code improvements
change in version 4.1
  • Added clock tick sound to the countdown to start on the next minute option
changes in version 4.0
  • Added two options to the "Clear Log" popup: Yes Clear and Touch to Start, and Yes Clear and Start Next Minute
  • Display both countdown to start and time adjustment on clock face, when appropriate
  • Code improvements for performance
changes in version 3.3
  • Relocated the "Clear Log" button from the "Display" popup to a more prominent place in the center of the bottom toolbar
  • Replaced the "About" button with an "Info" button in the upper left-hand corner of the clock face
changes in version 3.2
  • Split times are now shown in a log along with the incremental split time and the cumulative split time
  • Clear the log and reset the split time function to zero with a button in the "Display" popup
  • Time measurement and time precision can be changed at any time

revised: December 3, 2016