TSD Rally Computer Remote Heads-up Display

Rally Computer Remote is a companion app to the TSD Rally Computer and the GPS Rally Computer apps.

Rally Computer Remote serves as a heads-up display for the rally driver and shows the current required average speed or CAST, the current odometer reading, and the progress ahead or behind schedule for the rally stage. All this information is synchronized with the companion apps via Bluetooth.

If the Rally Computer Remote loses connectivity to the companion app, closing and restarting the app may restore the connection more quickly than waiting for the software to reconnect.

Companion apps are:
   TSD Rally Computer
     GPS Rally Computer





changes in version 4.1
  • This app is now a Universal app with displays adapted for both iPhone and iPad
  • Added the ability to "see-thru" the mobile device display to the view beyond by adding ARKit to the app for those iOS 11 devices that can utilize this feature
  • Many GUI and code modifications and enhancements to accommodate ARKit and display
changes in version 4.0
  • Added a second style for display including a dial with numerical time errors
  • Added daytime and nighttime displays
changes in version 3.0
  • GUI redesign for improved readability
  • Allow either landscape or portrait orientation
changes in version 2.0
  • Adapted the app to work with other MSYapps rally computers that calculate time errors
  • Various code improvements and GUI tweaks
change in version 1.1
  • GUI and performance modifications

revised: Oct 4, 2019