Save $$$$$

Use this app to determine a savings plan in one of two ways: by computing how much will be accumulated by saving a particular amount each period (day, week, or month) over a given amount of time, or by computing how much must be saved each month over a given time horizon to accumulate to a particular future amount.

Periodic amounts invested will be compounded into the future (or discounted to the present) at a periodic rate derived from the annual interest rate.

Make small changes in the amounts or interest rates and see how much they influence the results. The magic of compound interest over the long haul really makes a difference.


changes in version 5.0
  • Changed icon name and product name elsewhere to Save $$$$
changes in version 5.0
  • Substantial redesign and rewriting of code to accommodate iOS 13 requirements
  • Saving periods are now daily, weekly, or monthly
  • The saving plan table shows monthly results irrespective of saving period and compounding frequency
  • Optionally, the user may hear the investment plan recited back after touching the "Read Savings Plan" button
  • Various GUI changes and new dark look
changes in version 4.5
  • Updated to accommodate changes in newer versions of iOS
  • Minor GUI changes
  • Code changes for social network links
changes in version 4.3
  • New icon design
  • GUI changes
  • Added Facebook and Twitter links
  • Updated to iOS 8
change in version 4.1
  • Added iAds to this free app

revised: January 8, 2023